The March 2006 conceptual plan of the Harbor Shores Resort and Jack
    Nicklaus Signature golf course development was not intended for the public
    viewing. It was by serendipity that we obtained a copy.

    It was glaringly obvious by the location of the "Harbor Shores "BEACH"
    and Golf Lodge" at the entrance to JKP that this was a complete takeover
    of the park. What was also depicted was a post industrial area to be
    developed as a mixed use development for office space, retail, and small
    business opportunities. Also in the plan were townhouses, condominiums
    etc., all to create jobs and to increase property and business tax revenue for
    the city of Benton Harbor.

    But there was another huge problem with this artist rendering. The New
    Products Corporation, a 90 year old manufacturer of USA products that
    employees 100 people, and its adjacent parcels and warehouses, were
    virtually wiped clean from this conceptual plan and replaced with town homes
    and golf course amenities. Click here to view an annotated PDF. Click on
    the image below to enlarge.

    In January of 2007 the entire development was reconfigured. With the
    changes came the loss of the mixed use development area between Ox
    Creek and Graham Avenue that would have created jobs and new business
    and would have generated much needed tax revenue for Benton Harbor -
    because after all, that is what this development is supposed to be all about -
    creating jobs and tax revenue for Benton Harbor. In the mixed use
    development's place is a driving range, two golf holes and a new clubhouse
    for a non-profit, tax exempt Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course development.

    New Products Corporation's manufacturing facility was returned to the map
    but it's adjacent parcels were not. Harbor Shores claims to have ownership
    through a tax sale of one of the parcels. The New Products Corporation is
    fighting those claims and has filed a lawsuit.

    And because the "Harbor Shores Beach and Golf Lodge" didn't go over so
    well in the March 2006 rendition above, and like it makes any difference, the
    planned hotel structure at the entrance to JKP was renamed the "Harbor
    Shores Experience Center." Click here to view an annotated PDF. Click on
    the image below to enlarge.

    Below is an illustration of the 22 acre conversion area of the remaining 73
    acres of JKP. The developers made strives to make the use of the 22 acres
    sound minuscule but the reality is the conversion area destroyed the entire
    wooded areas of the globally rare dunes and wetland areas as well as the  
    natural ecosystems of the park. Now there is a user unfriendly picnic area
    in the center of three golf holes and what is left of the once special and
    contiguous ecosystem of JKP has been re-contoured beyond recognition.
    And where there was once native vegetation, disturbed ground welcomed the
    arrival and spread of Phragmites, Spotted Napweed and other invasive plant
    species. All that is really left of this once stellar park is a strand of beach.
    Click on the image below to enlarge.

    The next document illustrates the 22 acre conversion area in red and the
    land swap parcels for the dunes of JKP in green. There is much to be said
    about the mitigation. Not only has JKP been gutted, the land swap is similar
    to dismembered pieces of parkland that have been thrown and scattered.
    Most of the mitigation parcels are contaminated from post industrial use and
    are termed "facilities", meaning they are places of excessive concentrations
    of hazardous waste. To learn more read the Gannett Fleming Report.

    Parcels D and F are of huge concern and were to have undergone mass
    excavation and disposal of soil, industrial waste and concrete debris. Public
    trails now run through these parcels - potentially contaminated trailways that
    families with small children walk and ride their bikes on and where others
    walk their dogs. All may be at risk of contaminated surface water and ground
    inhalants. These contaminated parcels and trailways are what were
    exchanged for the pure and pristine dunes of JKP. Click on the image below
    to enlarge.
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