Save Jean Klock Park
Impacts and Destruction
Herald Palladium, October 7, 2007
'Is it a fair trade?'
By Ann Burch

"The golf course is not going to infringe upon the dunes..."
- Mark Mitchell, Director of then Alliance for World Class Communities
and former board member of Harbor Shores Redevelopment Inc.

    Jean Klock Park's dunes, were yanked out by their roots and destroyed. With a
    butcher shop mentality Harbor Shores moved in and carved up everything in its path
    Starting the week of March 2nd, 2009, hundreds of mature trees, the life blood of
    enormous areas of parkland outside of the golf course conversion including .
    areaThe trees and plant life were ground and piled in the parking lot like a tray of
    freshly ground meat. The wetland areas were brush-cut, including the area of the
    endangered rose pink, emanated the sickening smell of massive plant-life carnage.

    Despite the pending State and Federal lawsuits that were in effect at the time, the
    developers moved forward and made their permanent and fatal mark on Jean Klock
    Park's living ecosystem. By the time the courts heard the cases the golf course was
    completed, resulting in rulings that reflected "moot point" decisions.

    Regardless of the devastation that has taken place we are committed to the
    reclamation and restoration of our public parkland.

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August, 2007
After -
April, 2012
areas were entirely removed to accommodate the golf course development. In their natural
state, what were once pristine forested dunes are now being described as dramatic and
traumatic before and after of same area behind the north dune.