Save Jean Klock Park
Will a Hotel/Waterpark/Conference Center/Golf
Cottages be the final blow to the Children?
    After our lawsuit to stop the golf course development ended we obtained copies
    of a 50 plus page conceptual layout - a wish list - that was commissioned by
    Harbor Shores in 2005. In it are plans for a hotel/waterpark/conference center
    complex that includes golf cottages. The plans appear to take what’s left of our
    public parkland - land that was dedicated “for the children” and those who do
    not own a foot of ground - for high end lodging and recreation for those who
    can afford it.

    From the plans it appears the main complex would condemn the entire southern
    dune area. The existing 3 golf holes would be reconfigured and reduced to 2.
    The existing public entrance would lead to a parking lot for the hotel, not the
    current public parking area.

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    We have spoken with others who are aware of the plans to further develop and
    privatize Jean Klock Park and are also concerned. For that reason, we are
    informing the public ahead of time of the potential for further egregious threats
    to the local public’s enjoyment and use of Jean Klock Park. We hope we are
    wrong but we have seen how things work behind the scenes and been through
    enough to know that when developers and corporations want something they
    usually get it. If we learn more we will provide an update.