On Easter weekend of 2006, Governor Granholm visited the Benton Harbor area.
    At one of her stops she was approached by a member of the Friends of Jean Klock
    Park who gave her a flyer that detailed the seriousness of the threat to Jean Klock
    Park. This FJKP member requested an opportunity to speak with her on the matter.
    From that day there could be no mistaking that the information she received alerted
    her to the opposition to the proposed development in JKP. We followed up with an
    e-mail request but received no reply.
    On September 13, 2006 a letter signed by Benton Harbor City residents and
    members of the Friends of Jean Klock Park was sent to Governor Granholm asking
    her to play a role in preserving Jean Klock Park. Members of the community were
    completely ignored. The letter may be read below. We removed the signatures in
    order to protect the privacy of residents who signed it.

    Read the letter

    On September 19, 2006, Dave Dempsey, a former environmental advisor to
    Governor James Blanchard and environmental writer sent the following letter to
    Governor Granholm requesting that she would; "immediately withdraw your support
    of the part of the Harbor Shores plan that uses Jean Klock Park."

    Read the letter

    In November of 2006, a citizen of Benton Harbor wrote to Governor Granholm
    urging her to talk to the residents of the city, not the elected officials, about how
    many of them were in favor of giving away their parkland. Governor Granholm's
    office replied in December stating that it was a local issue, to contact local officials.

    Letter to Granholm and her reply

    Early in 2007 we discovered evidence of Governor Granholm's direct involvement
    in the development in the form of a memo dated May of 2006, written to Jeff Fettig,
    the CEO of Whirlpool, and signed by the Governor and the heads of state regulatory
    agencies. The letter commends the Whirlpool Corporation for its acquisition of
    Maytag. In turn the Governor and agency heads pledged to assist Harbor Shores
    with permit approvals, committed to state funding, and promised to solicit support
    from federal agencies for both financial and technical support.

    Read the memo

    Over a several year period $1.74M in state and federal grants were awarded to the
    City of Benton Harbor for improvements to JKP. These funds come from
    everyone's tax dollars which makes this anything but just a local issue. The many
    grants, especially the federal Land Water and Conservation Act Fund grant, have
    restrictions that should have required the project area to remain public parkland in
    perpetuity. But thanks to Governor Jennifer Granholm's guarantee of every state
    regulatory agency's cooperation and the heavy leaning on federal regulatory agencies
    by Congressman Fred Upton, corporate interests once again won out over the
    public's interest and stake in its own land.

    In March of 2007, we learned that Governor Granholm had declared March 20th
    No Child Left Indoors Day". In the article we obtained, the Governor is quoted as

    "One of the great gifts we can give our children is to make sure they connect
    with the amazing natural resources we have in Michigan," Granholm said.
    "Whether we take them fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain biking or simply let
    them discover the beauty of nature in our state, helping our children connect
    with the outdoors is essential to making sure our natural resources are protected
    and respected in the future."

    But in the case of Jean Klock Park Governor Granholm believes it's acceptable to
    take from children natural resources that were deeded and dedicated to them to build
    a golf course for an privileged few. How does this teach children to respect and
    protect their natural resources?

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