Save Jean Klock Park
Response from Michigan Assistant Attorney General

    In a letter dated March 9, 2015 Michigan’s Assistant Attorney General for the
    Charitable Trusts Corporate Oversight Division, Mike Bloomfield, replied to the
    February 17, 2015 letter of complaint regarding the deletion of a critical section of
    the Lease Agreement for Jean Klock Park. The section that was “deleted” was listed
    under the lease Considerations as “Additional Rent” and required the Harbor Shores
    developers to construct the East Klock Road extension as further compensation to
    the City of Benton Harbor for the use of 22 acres of parkland for a golf course.
    Read the Assistant AG's letter here.

    Though it’s not surprising, the Assistant AG’s response was far less than satisfying
    and provided no consideration whatsoever for the list of transgressions that took
    place or the bullet points that were presented in the complaint. We know from
    experience that pointing out what was not addressed in the letter would just be a tit-
    for-tat waste of time. We prefer to move on to the next step and will let you know
    when we take it.  

    We are sure some of you wonder why we continue to work so hard on what appears
    to many to be a lost cause. It is because we know it is not over and feel a need to
    keep an eye on the situation at all times. We suspect Harbor Shores/Whirlpool will
    not be satisfied until they have complete control of what is left of JKP and can
    further develop the beach, which would be a blatant disregard of the Klock family
    legacy and their wishes that the park remain in its natural state. We also continue
    working on these issues in order to create a record, but especially for the good, and
    protection, of the public trust. |
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