2008 Petoskey Prize

    On May 28th, 2008, Carol Drake of the Friends of Jean Klock Park received
    the prestigious Petoskey Prize for Environmental Leadership from the
    Michigan Environmental Council. Ms. Drake, who was recognized for her
    steadfast commitment and organization of a local citizen’s grassroots efforts
    to save their spectacular Lake Michigan Jean Klock Park from a developer’s
    golf course, was presented a plaque and a $5,000 award to donate to the
    organization of her choice.

    2008 Ally of the Year Award

    In the fall of 2008 Carol Drake was one of three individuals who were chosen
    by the Alliance for the Great Lakes as a Great Lakes Ally of the Year
    'Awardee.' The awardees were presented with a plaque in October of 2008
    during a "Great Lakes Bash" at Camp Blodgett on the beautiful shores of
    Lake Michigan.

    2010 River Warrior Award

    On December 27, 2010 Carol Drake was chosen by the Resource Renewal
    Institute for one of several River Warrior awards which are given to those
    who protect and improve water quality, fish, wildlife, and river ecosystems.
    The award included a $1,000 prize with no strings attached that was
    donated by Ms. Drake to the Friends of Jean Klock Park.

Our legal challenge is continuing - our fight is not over!

    Our Mission

    To preserve the existing natural resource
    of Jean Klock Park and promote its use
    for future generations, forever.

    To ensure Jean Klock Park will be seen
    as an oasis of undisturbed natural land,
    and use, and to educate the public of the
    importance of preserving the park's
    environment, but also of the long term
    benefits to the health and welfare of all
    humankind when valuable natural
    resources are left undisturbed.

    Our Organization

    Friends of Jean Klock Park is committed
    to protect, maintain, and enhance the
    existing natural beauty of Jean Klock
    Park, and to promote its use as a public
    beach and park for the children and
    citizens of Benton Harbor, MI, and
    surrounding communities, as was the
    intent of John and Carrie Klock when
    they gifted the Park to the city of Benton
    Harbor on May 4, 1917.

    The Friends of Jean Klock Park include
    all and everyone who is opposed to
    further encroachment of Jean Klock Park.
Save Jean Klock Park
Save Jean Klock Park

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